Some major airports to not have very low minimums.

The main reason is the typical wether for that part of the world. and cost effectiveness.

Tel Aviv and Miami are good examples for this.

If you get only 10-20 hours per year of visibility lower than 550 meters or 1800 feet – there is no financial justification for the extra cost that Low Visibility Operation brings. These costs include Infrastructure, including extra lighting and back-up electricity, monitoring capabilities and other redundancy measures. They also include personnel instruction, training and licensing.

So what do you do?

These airports will only have a 200 feet minimums. This will apply to GA, Airlines usually have a waver where pilots may continue the approach down to 100 feet if they do not see the runway but they can see the approach lights.

Un-forcasted foggy weather was the case in Miami KMIA on Monday morning. Significant delays on arrival and departures.
even taxiing to the gate after landing is challenging and takes a long time.

This is what it looks like from the ground.

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