The simple answer is that no one else will.

Part of the commercial flight license of an airline is a mandatory requirement for insurance.

The problem with the flights to Russia is that no insurance company is willing to insure such flights ever since the Russian invasion into the Ukraine, and even more so since the sanctions were put in place.

An airline is usually insured in the magnitude of a few hundred million dollars up to a few billion dollars. Boeing settled with the families of the two max accidents for 500 million dollars. And it was a settlement not a courthouse compensation verdict. And Boeing is not an airline and an indictment against Boeing was never filed.

Most of the sum is life and third-party insurance. A small part is liability and comprehensive insurance.

An airline can not survive such an event should the worse happen.

So, as long as the Israeli government wants to keep the Moscow-Tel Aviv route open they have to be the de-facto insurance company.

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