The Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority BCAA has revoked the Certificate of Airworthiness CofA of all Russian jets registered in Bermuda.

This amounts to about half of the airplanes flown by Russian airlines including Aeroflot, S7 and URAL.

This is massive as a lot of lessors based in Ireland preferer the Bermuda registry due to fear of the Russian registry not being as robust.

The move comes after the ban on leasing and selling parts. And the deadline of March 28th on lessors to get their planes back.

The Russians for their part that also preferred the Bermuda registry to their own for taxation reasons are now scrambling to register their airplanes with Rosaviatsia in what seems to be a shady move if not completely illegal.

Bloomberg reports there are currently 10 billion USD worth of airplane in Russia due to lose their legal status because of these new developments.

To quat one lessor trying to reposes an airplane “the Russians compnies are not answering the phone”

This is going to keep a lot of lawyers busy once the dust settles down.

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