An Interesting infographic

Of the flights in the chart

Adam air 514 – is a 737-400 that the investigation found the pilots were spatially disoriented (VERTIGO) in severe weather. This happened following one IRS failure, Autopilot disconnected, and the crew being preoccupied with troubleshooting the malfunction, neglecting to fly the airplane for 13 minutes before losing control.

US airways 427 and United 585, both 737 classics, were lost due to a design problem resulting in icing of the rudder servo, leading to a full deflection of the rudder and loss of control inflight.

This problem is long solved in the 737NG family of airplanes.


The other four flights were all flown deliberately into the ground by the person at the controls.


The CAAC confirmed the flight was released normally, the aircraft was manufactured in 2015, 6.8 years old, the three pilots (there was a second officer on the flight) were qualified with valid medical certificates.

The CVR storage unit looks to be in an OK condition and was sent to Beijing for analysis.

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