After pleading “Not guilty” on Friday on two charges of fraud and four counts of “wire fraud” (god only knows what the difference is) today, Monday the 21st begins the testimony phase in Mr. Fornker’s trial.

Following a long jury selection process somewhat elongated by the release of the documentary “Downfall” on Netflix, The former chief technical pilot is indicted on six fraud counts. The US DOJ is charging Forkner with withholding information from FAA supervisors. The main charge involves lying to regulators about changes made to MCAS on the 737 MAX to keep the manuals clear of the system, thus avoiding an increased cost of pilot training. Saving Boeing roughly 1 million dollars an airplane.

Defense lawyers claim Forkner was made a scapegoat to save Boeing’s brass and in reality was kept in the dark by engineers on board-members orders.

Mark Forkner ex 737 Max program chief Technical pilot pleads: “Not Guilty”

The trial opened on Friday in the US district court in Fort Worth TX.

Mr. Forkner is the only person of all of Boeing or the FAA being indicted with criminal charges relating to the 737 MAX crashes.

Last year Boeing struck a deal with the DOJ for 244 million dollars to avoid criminal prosecution of its board members and management.

I will try to update as the trial progresses.

It has the potential to shake the foundation of the American Aviation industry.

Stay tuned.







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