So, you are flying a 787 on a flight from Toronto CYYZ to Sand Diego KSAN. Just as you pass the

A passenger is having a heart attack when you are passing the Colorado-New Mexico border.

You scratch your temple and decide you want to divert to Albuquerque NM ABQ.

You pull out the list of approved airports with established perimeter that are OK with 5G. But low and behold ABQ is not on the list.

Should you divert to ABQ? It is by far the closest major airport.

Well, the easy answer is not easy, and I got it wrong the first time.

There are basically three options provided you are flying n an airplane that’s been approved for AMOC

  • The intended for landing airport is in a 5G environment but has an established perimeter of 2 miles and therefore you can operate normally under the AMOC. (Sometimes this applies to only some of the runways, as is the case in Kansas City.) This info can be found in the “Airports/runways list cleared for Minimized 5G C-Band interference).
  • The intended for landing airport is in a 5G environment and does not have an established perimeter – you must comform with your AD and SAFO.
  • The intended for landing airport is in a 5G free environment – that is the case of KABQ. And you are clear to operate as if we are in 2021.

But how can I know under what category does the airport I wish to divert to falls?

Well, that requires some planning:

The list of approved airports and runways is in the document mentioned above.

Airports not mentioned in the document can be either with no perimeter therefore very limiting or they are 5G free and thus limitation-free.

As of now January 28th all airports limited by 5G publish on ATIS something like “5G NOTAMS IN EFFECT FOR KJFK. FOR FURTHER INFO CONTACT FSS”

Plan ahead you really want to minimize the chances of diverting to a runway only to find out on short final that there are 5G EMI issues nor do you want to fly more than you should because you lack info. If you have NOTAMS on board – look at them they should say if 5G limitations are implemented. If not, you can retrieve ATIS for airports along your route – if such a message does not sound or appear on ATIS – you are clear.

If it does – refer to the AIRPORT/RUNWAY 5G list.

It is a bit like flying a single engine and always planning what do I do in case…..

But that’s the state of the 5G right now in America.

Stay safe

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