Here we go February 24th 02:00 AM

KA52s were shot down – no evidence for pilot ejection so far.
Downed Russian fighter
A month of war in pictures.
Boeing 747 B4E Nightwatch – these guys pack a punch, and are now airborne 24/7 and even made a trip to the UK
Hostomel Airport
The An-225 RIP
P-8 Poseidon looking for Russian submarines of the US west coast? March 29th
The Canadians are finally buying new Jetfighters
F-15 Strike Eagle patrolling very close to the Ukrainian border – these guys are capable of carrying Nuclear weapons, March 29th.
The UAE foreign minister visits Israel
The Bahrain Foreign Minister visits Israel
AF1 lands in EPRZ
These guys can refuel
North Korea fires ICBM
SOFIA is in Chile
F22 landing gear collapse in Eglin AFB
Air New-Zealand announces Wellington NYC route
Krashuka-4 the most advanced Russian EW is rumored to be captured by the Ukrainian forces. This POS blocked GPS signal in the entire eastern Mediterranean skies during the summer on 2019

MU 5735 was lost


Chinese workers collecting the remains of MU 5735

MU 5735 families

LION batteries fire, continues to be a big threat

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