Hovav Ben David.

Captain Hovav Ben David has been flying for almost 37 years.
Hovav switched to civil aviation almost 25 years ago. He is rated on 747-200, 747-400, 737NG, 777 and 787.
At El Al Israel Airlines, Captain Ben David served as the B737 Fleet Manager for four years. During his term as fleet manager, he led the qualification of hundreds of pilots, captains, and check airmen. He later was appointed as the Company’s Chief Pilot and Director of Flight Operations (DFO) for three years. Between management roles, he was a consultant to ISRALPA on aviation infrastructure matters.
Hovav has extensive knowledge and experience regarding Air Law, Aviation Regulations, Human Factors and Air Operations.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Hovav played a pivotal role in the delicate prosses of reduction and cessation of activities at El Al, followed by the resumption of normal operations. During this period, he served dual roles as Chief Pilot and VP Operations concurrently.

Hovav began his flying career an Israel Air Force F-15 pilot for 20 years, 12 of which were active reserve. His highest position while in the Air Force was an F-15 squadron XO.