The study of pilots for Saudi Arabian carrier pilots (344 pilots) showed that more than one third of the pilots had impaired sleep quality and a quarter were experiencing increased sleepiness.

17 percent were in danger of developing sleep apnea. (Pauses in breathing during sleep that disturb the quality of sleep leading to sleepiness)

Older pilots are less likely to develop sleeping disorders such as insomnia sleepiness fatigue and depression.

The study attributes the disorders to the nature of the jobs and the shifts during the circadian rhythm lows.

The study took place in 2019-2020.

Other findings:

49% of pilots had insomnia

38% impaired sleep

And 39% of participating pilots suffered mild depression. 10% mild depression and 4% severe.

53% of pilots were at high risk of fatigue.

17%   which is double the percentage of the general population at high risk of developing obstructive sleep apnea.

Important note: The study was based on questionnaires. And a relatively small sample size.

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