Some 36 hours after the debacle of the 5G network launch in the USA, and the worldwide ban on 777 flights in the USA it appears to be that the crisis is getting contained a step at time, As some of the B777 have been cleared to operate.

More and more airplane/radio altimeter combos are being allowed to operate in the 50 airports with perimeter 5G free zones.

we are now up ti 62% of airplane claered to operate limit free at those airports.

The other 48 airports still have serious limitations.

There will for sure be an investigation as to why with 7 yaers of preperation we ended up with an overtime fieldgoal.

I think that the CEOs and ALPA had to play safety card and may not be able to use it in the near future. This will certainly be the case if it turns out to be a paperwork issue rather than a real EMI issue.

Not the finest hour.

FAA 5G statement

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